Service and Repair Centers

Royal Authorized Warranty and Service Centers

  • Factory Trained and Authorized Technicians
  • Experts in Westcoast (Royals) Cylinders latest Product and Solutions Offering
  • Full Knowledge and Expertise in Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Position Sensing Cylinders
  • Expertise in the latest Royal Electric Cylinders (E-Series)

3 Locations To Serve You Better

  • Alberta, Canada
  • Georgia, USA
  • Auckland, New Zealand


Carl and his team of technicians have been pulling wrenches in the Fluid Power game for over 30 years. With over 25 years of experience with the Royal Cylinders there is not much that Carl and his team have not seen in the wood processing industry


Royal Cylinders is proud to offer repair and service work in Georgia, USA. This service will come with full warranty for all repairs on Royal product and is the location you can send warranty product back to.


MAC Valves Pacific has over 35 years experience. Their staff is technically experienced and committed to working with you to provide the best solutions to suit your specific needs.


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