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Royal manufactures the highest quality actuators to solve the toughest challenges seen around the world. Working with you to understand your needs and designing a product that suits your application is what we do best.

Here are just a few examples where we worked with our customers to develop an innovative solution to enable them to get the most our of their machines.

wood leader

Wood Industry

The shutdown of a production line and the complete replacement of pneumatic cylinders was happening every few months. Lost production time was costing this Saw Mill a small fortune every time they had an unscheduled line stop.

We have spent years working with BC saw mills and know the demands that can be put on the equipment. We designed and manufactured a cylinder for our customers application. Thanks to the features we provided the cylinder life span has doubled and can be easily repaired instead of having to be replaced.

mine leader

Mine Industry

Leaking hydraulic fluid caused by chemical attack on the cylinders seals at one mine was becoming a big problem; lost time, money and the dangers of spillage. Not only was the cylinder getting attacked but their entire hydraulic unit was being damaged as the chemical was getting into the system.

We worked with our customer to understand the chemical resistance required and developed a customized cylinder that survives in that harsh environment. Now our customer doesn't need to be concerned about their hydraulic system and can continue to get their product to market. Meeting their delivery schedule at a reduced cost.

aerospace leader

Aerospace Industry

When it came time to test a multi-million dollar jet aircraft, our customer needed us to develop and manufacture precision actuators that had very tight pivot mounting tolerances. This was required in order to meet precision assembly and testing demands.

Working to the specifications developed by their team, we designed and manufactured a series of cylinders that allowed them to successfully test the aircraft to their testing requirements.

tire leader

Tire Manufacturing

Existing water service cylinders were being used in a severe press application and were failing continuously. This resulted in key manufacturing equipment being down and costing thousands of dollars in lost production time and money.

We have produced a specific line of cylinders manufactured from select corrosion resistant materials designed to withstand the harsh operating conditions of contamination and misalignment. We were able to supply cylinders that greatly increased the life and performance of the press machines. We also put in place a manufacturing and local support plan so that our customer would always have quick access to replacement parts and cylinders as required.

rocket leader

Rocket Testing

We designed and manufactured a large quantity of cylinders with bores up to 20 inches diameter to a high safety factor and all this needed within a tight deadline. These were only just a few of the requirements our customer had. What they needed was product management and dedication so they could meet their deadlines.

We were able to supply the cylinders needed along with producing detailed drawings, calculations, assembly procedures, repair procedures and quality control certificates.

rocket leader

Veneer Processing

Royal developed the ELECTRIC E-series roller screw actuator in response to the forest industry’s need for a more robust and reliable roller screw actuator capable of withstanding the harsh operating conditions found in veneer processing. Available industry units at the time did not stand up to the severe impact loading and harsh environment that caused units to fail prematurely. At Royal, we set out to design the toughest, most reliable unit in the forest industry that would exceed industry expectations. The E Series roller screw has done that and more.

With our proven track record of designing and manufacturing heavy duty hydraulic cylinders, we used these principles of heavy duty steel construction to handle the mounting and impact challenges faced by this application. Using all steel construction, hardened wear surfaces and shock absorption technology, these units provide years of trouble free operation and are now the new industry standard.

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