Lumber and Wood

Royal cylinders have been used throughout the wood industry since 1960. Located in the heart of British Columbia's Forest Industry, we have specifically tailored our cylinder lines to meet our customers’ demands.

Working with mills throughout North America and New Zealand we have designed some of the best solutions to the toughest applications.

Veneer and Panel


We have developed a specialty line of heavy duty cylinders for use on the veneer lathe deck and stacking system. These cylinders are designed to accommodate the high speed and shock load that occur with this machinery.

We have also used our heavy duty roller screw actuators on the lathe carriage and charger.

Pulp & Paper

Pulp - Paper

In order to withstand the highly corrosive environment of the pulp and paper industry Royal has developed a line of stainless steel cylinders called the CR Series. Royal has also supplied corrosion resistant positioner cylinders with long stroke and custom mounts.

Tire Manufacturing

Tire Manufacturing

Royal manufactures specialty press cylinders for use
in water service, pneumatic and hydraulics for applications for tire molding. We provide solutions that deal with equipment in various states of wear and tear that will allow you to get the longest life out of your equipment.



Royal has provided a number of special purpose cylinders to the mining industry where special seals were required to resist caustic wash down. Royal has also supplied corrosion resistant positioner cylinders with long stroke and custom mounts.

Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas

Royal has supplied up to 20 inch bore lift cylinders for drilling platforms along with multi stage telescoping cylinders with heavy duty all welded construction.



Royal supplies after market cylinders for various manufacturers of rail car wheel clamps. We can build custom cylinders to replace OEM boom lift or other unloading applications.

Steel & Fabricating

Metal Fabrication

Royal has manufactured custom hydraulic cylinders to work in steel mills around the high temperature environment. These cylinders are designed to suit the required temperature and pressure of the environment they are operating.



Royal has developed specific cylinders for amusement park attractions. These are available with full weld and material certifications to meet the required industry standards.



Royal has developed specialty cylinders for testing aerospace components and assemblies. These cylinders require higher component tolerances for fit and mounting in order to provide precise test data. We have supplied cylinders up to 20 inch bore with position sensors that are used for steering test simulators.

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

We manufacture a full line of food grade stainless steel pneumatic and low pressure hydraulic cylinders for the food processing industries. The cylinders are designed to resist caustic wash-down. We can also provide metric conversion cylinders to allow processor to have more cost effective spare parts support .

Marine & Offshore

Marine - Offshore

Royal specialty cylinders include stainless steel on deck locking cylinders, lift cylinders for loading ramps and military grade cylinders for sub sea recovery vehicles.