Manufacturing Facility

We Manufacture Cylinders Specific To Your Application

manufacturing facility
  • 1” Diameter to 20” Diameter Bore
  • Any Mounting Style
  • Tie Rod and Welded Style
  • Small to Large product runs and stocking plans
  • Hydraulic Actuators
    • NFPA Style
    • Custom Designed
    • Temposonic Position Sensing
    • Low Pressure Water
  • Pneumatic Actuators
    • NFPA Style
    • Heavy Duty Industrial Use
    • Custom Designed for extremely harsh conditions
  • Electric Actuators
    • Roller screw style
    • Ball screw style
    • Heavy Duty Applications

Experienced Team Working With Modern CNC Machines
Will Deliver The Highest Quality Cylinders

Haas UMC 750

This 5 axis vertical mill is one of the workhorses of our factory. Its key feature is that it can machine five of the six sides of cubic shaped part, such as a cylinder head, in one setup. This allows us to maintain critical machining tolerances that reduces tolerance build up caused by multiple set ups. The gives our cylinders improved wear performance by maintaining precision alignment of the key moving cylinder elements.

Doosan Long Bed

This lathe has built in multi–axis milling capability. This feature allows us to mill complex features into round or square parts that previously required multiple set ups on different machines. The reduction in the number of set ups has the advantage in maintaining key tolerance values and provides precision part placement when doing multi feature milling. The bed length allows for these benefits on parts up to 3 meters long.

Doosan Gantry Lathe

This lathe is a precision turning machine with milling capability. It utilizes a automated gantry-style part feeding system that can cost effectively do small batch part runs. Stable running conditions have proven to make parts with reduced tolerance variation. The system also allows for rapid change over of part programs. This is key for Royal’s commitment to provide greater flexibility in cylinder design while maintaining desired delivery time.


Consult with you to understand your application requirements


Design a cylinder with specific features that benefit your application


Manufacture using modern CNC machines to achieve the highest quality finished product


Share our experience and knowledge to develop an innovative solution for you