4 locations and 10 spots to check if your hydraulic cylinder is leaking!
Find the reason for the leak.

Location Check
1 Between Barrel
and Heads
  • O-ring for any damage, knicks or cuts
  • Surface finish of the barrel where it touches the seal should be smooth, with no sharp edges
  • O-ring groove for any machine marks, debris, or surface imperfections
  • Barrel ends to make sure they are square
2 Between Barrel
and Heads Between Gland
Bushing and Rod
  • Condition of the rod wiper. In harsh environments wiper damage leads to contaminants that in turn damage the piston rod seal
  • Wear pattern on Gland bushing. If there is wear only on one side, this could be caused by side load which will damage the seal and reduce cylinder life
  • Damage to surface of piston rod which will in turn damage the end gland seal
3 Between Gland
Bushing and Heads
  • Loose fit of gland bushing causing the O-ring not to seal properly. This can be caused by side load or improper machining of the gland bushing. Tight tolerance here is required
4 Ports
  • Surface finish of the heads where your hydraulic fitting connects
  • For Hydraulic cylinders SAE O-ring Boss Ports (ORB) are better than NPT for creating a seal and are highly recommended



Chris McGregor