Long Stroke Hydraulic Cylinder

Custom Cylinder Design

Every so often we have a special cylinder that is designed and sent down to the manufacturing floor. In this cylinders case the size of it is what made it special. So when it went from the manufacturing floor into the assembly and testing space everyone stopped to see how something so long gets put together and tested. This Royal cylinder measured in at 16 feet long and 915 lbs.

The welded style single acting hydraulic cylinder was manufactured for an elevator lift application. With extra wear strips for bearing support on the gland bushing and piston, along with self-aligning bearing mounts on both ends, this cylinder was designed to allow some freedom of movement while it worked in retraction. What was really special though is this cylinder has a hollow rod that allows for a probe to read the piston location.

To finish this project off we epoxy coated the entire outside of the cylinder in our paint studio to protect it in the damp environment it was designed for. We cannot wait for our customer to get this installed on their system!

Custom Hydraulic Cylinder Custom Positioning Cylinder




Chris McGregor