Royal L-Series pneumatic and low pressure hydraulic cylinders are tie rod style NFPA standard. They have many standard design options limiting the need for customization. Twenty six mounting styles are available. Bore sizes are from 1 1/2" to 12". For other sizes or custom cylinders please contact the factory. Also available with nitro-hardened rods.

Royal R-Series Mill Duty tie rod style pneumatic cylinders are tough enough for severe mill use. They are durable, double-acting cylinders utilizing ductile-iron cast heads, SAE 660 bronze gland bushings and are easily repaired. Floating check seals provide fast breakaway performance with effective cushioning. Fifteen different mounting styles are available. R-Series cylinders are offered in bore sizes from 2" to 12" diameter. Also available with nitro hardened rods. For other sizes or custom cylinders please contact the factory.

Royal RM series cylinders are designed to be a drop-in replacement for the discontinued Atlas MM series (Mill-Mine) cylinders. This model uses all R series replacement parts.

The ST series is a light weight NFPA interchangeable pneumatic cylinder. The series features steel tie rod construction with aluminum heads, barrels, pistons, with a replaceable bronze gland bushing and nitro-hardened piston rods. These cylinders are available in 9 bore sizes from 1.5" through to 10". The ST series is available in all standard mounting configurations.

The TR series of pneumatic cylinders is based on the R series construction and is fitted with a position sensor probe. The cylinder can be used for position reporting to a controller or used in closed position control with the addition of proportional controlled air valves.

"We will work with you to specify the best cylinder for your custom application"